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Thread: Connecting HDR-FX1 cam to MS9 via 1394

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    Question Connecting HDR-FX1 cam to MS9 via 1394

    Has anyone been succesful in connecting a Sony HDV HDR-FX1 camera to MS9 via a 1394 firewire connection. Either in Windows XP or Vista 32 or 64 ?

    I cannot get the program to recognize the camera even though my 1394 connection is OK according to the system advice.

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    Default sony fx1 firewire to computer problem solved

    Hey heavymotion studios here, i purchased a sony fx1 about a month ago. No complains outstanding piece of equipment to work with would'nt trade it for any top 2011 cam. alot of people has had problems getting there p.c or laptop to recognize the fx1 through firewire 1394. I purchased such cable through ebay 4pin to 4 firewire but it did not work, i thought it might be my laptop or the cable that was faulty at one point i thought it was the firewire port on the camera that might be defective. the cable that i bought on ebay cost me $2.89 from a manufactorer. i went to bestbuy and addressed my problem to one of there specialist, they sold me a a usb multi-cable with firewire and it worked. i tried it on my buddys computer and had no problem but here is the thing, if you want it to work best bet is to make sure your computer has a 6 pin firewire connection. next go to bestbuy and purchase the sima usb multi-cable with firewire it's gonna cost you about $61.61 exact depends where you live, i live in boston so priceces might differ in someother state. windows 7 had no problem reading the cam, tried it on 4 other computers with windows xp and the resualts were more than expected. i hope this helps anyone with the same problem i had there for i think is fare to say problem sovled.

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