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Thread: Stitching rendered files in MS9

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    Question Stitching rendered files in MS9

    I'm running MS9 plat Pro in Vista and using external hard disc to store dowloaded files from HDR-SR12. I have found that I could not render and create a BluRay image if my time line is more than about 1 hour long with 5.1 surround audio.

    So as suggested in the QA at Sony site I am splitting up the timeline into a couple of sequences e.g Testsect1 and Testsect2. If I render these separately I end up under the Render folder for each folder with Testsect1.m2v and Testsect2.m2v. (BluRay 1920 x 1080-50i 25 mbps template)

    However, these files cannot be loaded on the time line.

    The Sony instruction says"........Edit each section separately, render and re-import into a new project to stitch them together into a fianl audio and video stream.

    Note that if under 1 hour I can render and burn a successful BluRay disc using the "Make Movie" options.

    Any thoughts on how to create compatible files to enable a "stitch" on the timeline

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    Additional Info to my post:

    My system is Dell Studio XPS 6 Gb memory with i7 chip.

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    Your right the files mt2 cannot be re-loaded onto the TL

    Why cannot you make more then an hour, is is a build in TL thing or is it a file size thing?

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