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    Is it normal for Premiere to do the following:

    Nested sequence only playing the audio in Audio Track 1
    Multi-Camera sequence only playing the audio in Audio Track 1 (same thing, I know)

    Also, once I have created a multi-camera sequence, how do I integrate that into my main timeline?


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    Can anyone help me with this?

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    This sounds very interesting. It's hard to understand what is wrong though.

    It sounds like the following is happening:

    You have multiple sequences set up for different cameras let's call these the "source sequences". And you have a master sequence which will be your main export at the end of the project.

    In your Source Sequences, you have a video track and an audio track and the audio track is being stubborn and wont let you move the audio track to ... say audio track 2..? Yes?
    Subsequently, you're having the same issue when import your source sequence into your main sequence..? Yes?

    If that is the case, have you tried right clicking on your source audio and "unlinking" it from your video?
    Or are you saying that no matter what you do, you can only put audio on the one audio track?
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    What I have is 3 different camera positions shooting the same thing from different angles, plus an additional audio track, all synced together. When I create a nested multi-camera sequence to do the edit, I only get the sound from one camera, the sound on audio track 1. I want to get the mixed sound from all of the tracks, at the levels set in the main sequence.

    I have found a workaround, which is to delete the audio track in the multi-cam nested sequence, and then drag the main sequence into V2/A2, subsequently deleting the video content in V2. It's a bit clunky, but it works.

    Once this is done, I want to integrate the "mixed", edited sequence into a master sequence. I don't know what the normal workflow is, once the multi-camera sequence is complete. All of the tutorials I have seen just assume that I should know, but I don't.

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    I think your issue may be that you don't realise that if you drag any video ( whether it be a nested sequence or straight video ) into a sequence, the audio track will stick to the co-responding A-track even if you move the Video track after that.

    eg. If i drag a video into a sequence, say track V-1, the audio will go to track A-1. If i THEN move that same video file into V-2, the audio file will still be in sync with the video BUT it will still reside in A-1.

    So, if you drag your three videos into your main sequence, do them separately.
    For each camera angle to be moved into the main sequence, be sure that space on the main sequence is free and clear for that particular video before moving it in. Both the audio track and the video track on the main sequence will have nothing in them and this area will be free to be used by that video and audio.
    You can have as many tracks as you like really.

    So now you have three videos placed on your main sequence like so:

    V-3 = |------Video angle 3------|
    V-2 = |------Video angle 2------|
    V-1 = |------Video angle 1------|
    A-1 = |------Audio angle 1------|
    A-2 = |------Audio angle 2------|
    A-3 = |------Audio angle 3------|

    As you can see, nothing is overlapping yet.

    Now you can organise your Video footage as you please and the Audio track will always correspond with the Video above. You can line up all of your video on the same track and your audio will stay overlayed.

    V-3 =
    V-2 =
    V-1 = |------Video Mixture------|
    A-1 = |------Audio angle 1------|
    A-2 = |------Audio angle 2------|
    A-3 = |------Audio angle 3------|

    Now, if i wanted to overlay another angle of video/audio, i would pull it into V-4 and the audio would not erase anything.

    Hope that's what you mean.
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    No, that isn't the issue at all. I know that the video an audio tracks stick together, I can move them around independently by ALT-clicking them anyway.

    The issue is, that the audio in a nested sequence only seems to play the audio in A1, regardless whether there is audio in A2, A3 etc. I can understand why this would be when using the multi-camera feature, but it also happens with a normal nested sequence.

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    It just doesn't sound right at all. That's why im having so much trouble understanding your problem.

    It sounds rather buggy. Have you updated? You haven't got the Audio muted or anything have you?
    You may even want to render a small snippet just to see if it's your sound card. It could actually render ok.
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    I get the same problem whether I use the built-in sound card, or an external sound card.

    FWIW, I am using CS3 on a Mac.

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    The only bug i can find similar to yours is CS4 related. If you've tried rendering a short clip and you have all the latest updates then im beat.
    Whether it's a nested sequence or a piece of video, they should both act the same on your main sequence and the Audio tracks should be playing over the top of each other.

    Unless there is something obvious that we're both missing

    Anybody out there have a better idea?
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