I am lookin at getting a ew tripod, the on i have currently is ok, ut its just a basic one so sometimes not that smooth when i need it to be

Anyway, i initially started looking for something a bit more sturdy, but the thought about one with remote control handle on it

The camera is just a VX2100 so its not massive and heavy, but a smooth tripod would be great, does anyone kow what the sony ones are like ?

Things like the VCT-50AV & VCT-60AV - and would those even work with the VX2100 ?

If anyone has any sugestions for a Tripod suitable, either just a nice sturdy smooth one, or one with a remote too ( the smooth and sturdy is the most important to me ) the please let me know

Or if anyone has anything for sale i may like ?

Cheers for your help