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Thread: Premiere Pro CS4...where do I start?

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    Default Premiere Pro CS4...where do I start?

    I mainly use sony vegas 7.0-9.0. So Adobe premiere cs4 is like a galaxy away from me. I don't even know how to add text.

    I installed the cs4 master suite and can't use premiere to save my life. Youtube tutorials don't help cause the ones I was recommended were all for cs3(I don't think they would work on cs4,I dont know if the progs. are similar,cs4 is my first adobe product ever.)

    Can anybody recommend me some GOOD QUALITY tuts. for adobe cs4 premiere?(and photoshop if your feeling nice?)

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    As far as getting started is concerned, CS3 and CS4 should almost be identical. I use CS4 and i started on CS3 and i used youtube tutes to get me started. As far as importing and setting up a sequence and creating text etc, it's identical.

    I find this guy's tutes incredibly easy to follow:
    YouTube - dteubner's Channel

    But for more basic stuff like importing video and setting up text ( which is just a matter of right clicking in the import area btw ), there are hundreds of tutes to choose from.

    One thing that really helped me in the early days, was understanding how to set up the correct sequence/timeline for your particular video type. Here's a tip if your interested:

    *When you open up a new project you will prompted to select your timeline settings. Just click cancel for now.
    When P.P. has opened; on the top left hand panel ( just under the tiny preview screen ) , right click and import your video from file ( this is assuming you have already worked out how to import your video from your camcorder to you desktop ).
    Once you see your video on the left, left click on it and next to the tiny preview window there will be some very important information about your video compression settings.
    720x576 (1.4587) @ 25 fps or
    1440x1080 (1.3333) @ 50fps or
    something similar.

    You now have all the information you need to set up a new sequence/timeline. Go to file -> new -> sequence ( or just press ctrl+n ) and create a new sequence. Now set up a sequence that matches you settings. i.e.

    720x576 (1.4587) @ 25 fps or
    1440x1080 (1.3333) @ 50fps or
    Whatever it is that you found in your import.

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