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Thread: Video clips black when rendered

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    Default Video clips black when rendered


    I apologise in advance if this thread or similar exists already. I'm a newbie and also I dont understand the technical terms so there may have been a solution that I missed!

    I've spent a VERY long time creating a video on Sony Vegas 6.0. I tried rendering it to .WMV and all of it was fine (text, music, photos, voice clips) but the visual to the video clips is sho wing up as a black screen,

    Please tell me theres a simple solution - like theres a box I havnt checked or something before rendering because it's making me want to cry!

    Thank you so much for your help!


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    We need more info.
    What is the source of your video (file types, codecs )
    How are you trying to render it - what file type - what template?

    Is any of yoru stuff DivX or XviD by any chance - lots of people have had problems with that an Vegas (particularly earlier versions)

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