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    Default Video Editing using Photoshop

    Has anyone imported video clips into Photoshop and done any editing on said clips? Have you tried putting a layer mask on a clip and cut a hole in say a burned out sky and replaced it with a 'good' sky from either another video clip or still image? Did it work? Were you able to duplicate frames, it's a pain in the rear unless you set a keyboard shortcut.

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    Have you had any luck with this yet Nikosony? This technique sounds very interesting.
    Blue Skies

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    I didn't know Photoshop can handle video until reading your post.

    It sounds interesting and I will give it a go.

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    From CS3 Extended onwards can handle video. It's not fully implemented in CS3 but if you have CS4 it has more controls and you can play back audio from the timeline. I've been spending quite a bit of time on Video CoPilot recently and it is explained in some detail there (if you want more details you'll probably have to pay for it). A summary of what I've seen over the past week...

    1. Create a new file and choose the film/video setting.

    2. Select PAL or NTSC and set it to for example to 720 x 576 or whatever setting is appropriate to your project.

    3. When the new file opens, it will tell you that the PAR is on for display purposes only, just click ok.

    4. Make sure the layers palette is open in Photoshop and you will either see a layer with a white BG or transparent BG.

    5. Click on Window -> Animation to make sure the Animation timeline is onscreen, click on the dropdown arrow under the X and a menu will appear. Click on Document Settings and set a duration and frame rate and click on OK. Keep the duration short as you may need to use the Duplicate Frame option at some stage and it requires a lot of key pressing (250 times to copy a frame from start to finish on a 10 second long video!)

    6. Click on Layers -> Video Layers -> New Video Layer from File and this will open an Add Video Layer dialogue box and you search for a file.

    7. The video will be added as a new layer to your file. You can then use most of the tools and effects in PS to manipulate the video.

    8. Delete the BG layer if it is white to leave it transparent, now click on the video layer again and select the Eraser tool and rub out part of the video. A use for this could be inserting a new sky into a video where the sky is blown out due to overexposure.

    9. Click on File -> Open and locate a picture of a sky and when it opens copy and paste it into the video. It will come out on top so just swap the layers around so the sky pic is behind it.

    10. When done, click on File -> Export -> Render Video and a list of options will appear. Typical examples are avi, mov, dv stream and mpeg 4. Some save the audio track and some don't so just be aware of that.
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