Hi I have around 30 8mm and another 30 Mini DV tapes which i've been meaning to get around to archiving and editing for years but never really got around to it. I did buy Pinnacle Studio V9 a couple of years back (still have it) but it seemed to be a bit buggy as far as i remember and kept crashing but i suppose that could have been a problem with my PC, anyway I got sidetracked / bored and put it on the shelf.

A couple of weeks ago i recorded my Niece's wedding in Sweden and had it converted to DVD for them, which they were delighted with and it's got me interested again in the home video - DVD archiving editing project. But after delving in a bit my head is starting to hurt with all of the questions coming to mind such as : which editing software? what format do i store it in? which DVD copier/burner? etc......

The firm who converted the wedding mini dv tape to DVD for me also converted one of my old 8mm tapes to DVD and they seem to play in all DVD players we have in the house including the PS3 and the PC's. Both DVD's have around 1 hour of footage and are 3 gigabites of VOB files. I've just sent 10 more of my 8mm tapes to them and am hoping to get them back this week.

My plan is then to find a simple and quick way to store / label / edit / copy / burn all of my videos so that for example if i want to knock up a DVD for a mate of mine who's kids feature in several of my old tapes, i can do if fairly quickly with the dvd working as my VOB versions seem to on most players.

I have been playing this morning with some free software called convertvobtoavi and storing the converted video to a 500gb "buffalo" nas drive. I converted some to WMV and some to MPEG4 which i was then able to access wirelessly from my laptop. But my PS3 in the living room, although seeing the video files wouldn't play them (say's the files are corrupted)

Anyway sorry for the ramble, i suppose my questions are:-

Have i done the right thing getting my tapes converted to DVD in VOB ?

Should i use my buffalo nas drive to then store all the video so that i can view it on my network and use it as the source for editing?

If yes to above, what format should i store it as?

What software should i use for the editing (using a PC), burning etc?....

Many Thanks