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    Hey guys. So I have this Panasonic NV-GS27 video camera, which uses DV casetes. So I filmed some stuff. And only about half of year later decided to capture it on my pc. But I failed. I didnt manage to do it neither with panasonic video software nor simple movie maker. When I checked the instructions and browsed trough camera menu and settings, I realised that there is no such specification as moving (capturing) recorded video to PC anyeay then I tried adobe premiere and again I was unsuccesful... Finaly I browsed through the net and found this VirtualDub v1.8.8 software and oh boy I was so happy that it actually captured the video from my camera. BUT the captured video (.avi) has a little lag. So maybe someone could help with that and tell why is there lag and how can I remove it? I browsed through capture settings, but nothing made a significant change. My pc has 512 or RAM and no specific video capturing hardvare.

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    There is one important piece of info we need to answer. How are you connecting the camcorder to the pc for capturing?

    The reason this is important is as follows:
    Your cam records on to tape in a file format called DV.avi. There are about 800 video files types that use the extension .avi so note that carefully. DV.avi

    The ONLY way to transfer or capture from a DV.avi camcorder to a computer at FULL quality is through a firewire (ieee1394 or iLink) connection on the cam, a firewire cable to a firewire capturing card in the computer.

    All camcorder manufacturers know this and so what do they include with the cam? A USB cable of course!

    The USB cable is fine for transferring stills taken on the cam or for using the cam for low quality streaming video or for capturing at lower resolutions but NOT for full quality.

    For your situation the best solution would probably be to download a free stand alone utility called WinDV. It is purpose built for what you are wanting to do.

    Connect the cam via firewire and capture. You will find you have no quality issues provided you have plenty of room on your hard drive for the files. About 13gig per hour of footage will be created. You are a little shy on memory so make sure you shut down all unnecessary programs and services running in the background as this is quite demanding in your computer.

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    Thnx. Yeah, I was using USB. So as I understand I have to get FireWire cable and capture card for PC?

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    Yes that's what you will need. Generally the firewire card and a firewire cable will come bundled together in a package and they are pretty cheap nowadays. $20 or so.
    With a little luck you may even score a half decent (but usually chopped down version) of some video editing software with them.

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