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Thread: HD Cam advice - research performed, wall hit!

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    Default HD Cam advice - research performed, wall hit!

    Hi guys.

    I'm soon to be travelling to Japan with work (finance!), and attending CES in Las Vegas in January 2010 with a hardware website. In my spare time, I will be embarking on an ambitious personal project that would be documented well with a camcorder. So a mix of out and about in cities, interviews on a tripod and general use.

    (p.s. I already own a Velbon DV7000 tripod for my DSLR, so interviews are covered)

    I've done some of my own research, but hit a dead end with conflicting opinions. Here is what I know I want:

    • HD capable in AVCHD (AVC/H.264)
    • 1080p (I have a Samsung LE40A686 panel)
    • Prefer manual focus ability
    • Prefer mic input
    • Backlight compensation or equivalent to iris/aperture control
    • Good battery is a bonus, but I already concede to buying a spare or two.
    • Wide angle lens attachment would be a bonus
    • Optical zoom doesn't need to be mega (it's redundant by hand at certain lengths and above anyway)

    Here are some points I am stuck with:

    • HDD or flash memory storage - happy to buy a few cards if required, but not sure which is preferred and suggested and why.
    • Is the 3-CCD feature worth the premium?
    • What is the best software for editing AVCHD? I frequently hear tales of my father cursing the day Sony Vegas was conceived you see.
    • What's the deal with 24p/25p on camcorders? I.e. my Blu Ray player and HDTV resolve the 24p issue - not likely on the camcorder? Surprisingly not well documented on my travels!

    All and every bit of advice is very welcome. My intended budget is around 400, but I can stretch to 500 if the price justifies the end means.

    Finally, thanks for your replies in advance - I appreciate that many threads crop up, but I've done some research at least!

    Many thanks,

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    You are looking for a lot of features for 500. If you could stretch to 600 you could get a Canon HF200, it has most of the features you are looking for and gives great results in terms of both picture and sound. Maybe if you look for a second hand model on ebay or similar you might find a bargain, then again you might find a turkey.

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    I had a feeling I might hear that!

    If the budget was around 600 instead (give or take a little), is there anything else that I should think about close to the HF200?

    Thanks for the response either way.


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