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Thread: what avchd looks like on youtube in HD

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    Default what avchd looks like on youtube in HD

    Thought you guys might be interested in this.
    Now I have a laptop that plays HD , I uploaded a file straight from pmb to youtube. i didn't do anything other than go to youtube
    upload. thats all.
    this isn't a film , its unedited for my experimentation

    I figure this might be of interest to someone.


    To get the same type of quality on an edited (in corel) software , what format should I save my edited file in?

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    The detail and vibrancy of the green colour are excellent, did you use the camera on auto or manual setting? It looks like manual as the focus doesn't hunt or the exposure doesn't change when you moved the camera.

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    All auto, purely cos i haven't got to grips with manual yet :(
    I was just interested to see how it would come out (straight from camcorder to youtube)

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    WMV seems to work well in Youtube (and facebook) for me.

    I shoot on a Canon HG10 in HD1080. Edit in Corel Videostudio and export the finished article as a WMV HD 720 (Youtube's recommended size for HD)

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    I use Corel ProX2 and have just found an easy way to export from it at 720P using ffdshow this gives you the option of using the h264 codec and doing a direct conversion from the time line at 1920x1080 down to 720x1280 at 5000kbps avi h264, which has been my proffered setting for youtube but until I found the ffdshow settings I had always had to use SuperC which was bit of a hassle.
    to set up ffdshow to work with Corel you have to load it all I tried just loading the codecs but it kept crashing so finished up loading it all which all comes with ffdshow:-
    VFM interface
    AviSynth Script seving
    Application plugins
    to out put to ffdshow you have to select Custom then Microsoft AVI files and then under Options you can configure it to 720x1280 "frame based" select ffdshow Video Codec and use the H264 codec and configure to whatever bit rate you proffer.
    Hope it is of use.
    PS. I select de-interlace but don't know if I need to.
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