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    Hi. I'me new to this forum, but I'm glad that I found such, where I could share my works and opinion. Anyways, one of my favourite hobbies is making videos. I have made some short vids (usually with a friend who also likes doing that) and gonna post them here in the future. But heres the real deal... I'm planing to make a feature film sometime in the future (maybe next year if everything will be ok) because my selfconfidence has been boosted by the fact that a short movie made by my friend in his university and had a scipt written by me won 5 awards (though more symnolic university awards) and also I meet more and more directing related people who I offered this big projest. Anyway, here is dilema. I was making these short videos in English, though I'm from small country in the middle of Europe called Lithuania. But for the feature film I was thinking that I should do it in native language. What do you think? English or Lithuanina?

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    In your position I would do it in the language with which the actors are most comfortable.

    There are thousands (actually tens of thousands) of english-language videos made each year. Yours will have to be excellent to compete with them. I don't know how many feature-length Lithuanian videos are made but I assume that the number is small in comparison.

    If your production is a success in Lithuania, then it might be re-dubbed or sub-titled for distribution in the English-speaking world. If you record in English and it fails in the West, then you're not going to be able to sell it in Lithuania. I would suggest that you'll get a better result, and thereby more chance of success, if you film in the language which enables your actors to give their best.

    At this stage in your career, I would aim for achievable goals. Get success in your own country before trying to sell to the whole world.

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    Thanks. I was thinking the same, but really needed to hear simmilar thoughts. And yes, there are not much Lithuanian movies and the ones that are made usually stays known only in Baltic region... (countries near Baltic sea)

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