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Thread: recording and editing to/from AVI

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    Default recording and editing to/from AVI

    Hi All,

    I am new to this so I hope this is not a silly question...

    I am using camstudio to record from the PC screen 800x600. It created an AVI file, an it looks good.

    I am testing the editing using a trial version of the Premier Elements 7 but everytime I import the AVI, the image becomes blurred and the text cannot be read . If I play the AVI.. it is very clear... My guess is that it has to do with the setting for the interaced/progressive refresh or /and with the importing framesize...

    I have been trying to change them but it seems there is no way to change those in premier elements .. or am I missing something..?
    How can I import edit, compress it and have a decent visible output compressed to a flash format ?

    Also, I think camstudio is not the best solution to record a Demo of a product.. do you have a recomendation?

    Thanks in advance

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    Iv had the same problem with Camstudio. From memory ( this was some time ago and i was using Premiere Pro CS3 ) i got around this by setting up a new sequence ( import settings ) to match that of the Camstudio file. I think it would be something like 800x600 (1.0) square pixels at some ridiculous Frame rate. The easiest way to tell in Premiere Pro was to click on the imported footage and get the information about the video from the readout ( next to the small preview window ), and then set up an import sequence to match.

    This may cross over to the program you are using. But im sure there is a better desktop recorder out there, anyone have any suggestions?
    Blue Skies

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    I'm having the same problem and was using the forum's search function and came across this thread. Was wondering if someone could elaborate on what benjo was saying.

    I'm using CamStudio as well and Priemere Elements 9. I'm recorded my screencast in 480x680 avi and when I import it into (drag and drop) priemere elements, it's all blurry and pixelated, but looks fine in Windows Movie Maker, or when I play it in my video player (GOM).

    How do I change the import settings? Or how do I set up a new sequence? (I'm new to video editing, just bought primere elements to get started - recording some web programming tutorials at the moment)

    And I'm also using windows vista if that makes a difference.

    EDIT/UPDATE: I was googling a bit more and found this thread. Where the user moonie mentions having found the 'option box' to 'render with no fields'. Where's the render box?

    EDIT/UPDATE 2: I just realized the sequence option is not available for premiere pro (dammit, should I have bough vegas instead?) Is there a workaround so that I can still edit avi files created using CamStudio?
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    Yeah, i don't think my advice crosses over to Premiere Elements. Here is an example of what i was talking about before:


    Here you can see that when you select your imported media, right next to the little play box is a read out of the exact dimensions of that media. In this case the file 081222-2_70.avi has dimensions 1440x1080 (1.3333 Anamorphic pixels) and a frame rate of 25 fps.
    What I am saying is, if your sequence does not match the exact dimensions of the Camstudio media, you will get poor output. Especially with subtitles and the like.

    I don't know how to translate this process into Premiere Elements though. Sorry.
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    And yeah, by looks of it, Vegas would have been a far better option for what you want. I rate it for sure.

    Will Premiere Elements let you play with any of the imported settings? Dimension, Frame rate? Or does it just auto detect or something?
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    thanks for the reply. Well, I googled a little bit more about the import settings but couldn't find much. May be either my lack of experience or that elements 9 doesn't have import settings as configurable as the pro version.

    However, on the flip side, I was able to get a hands on Camtasia and it's proving that it was all that I needed. I got my recording and screencasting all in one, and really the only 'editing' I needed was to cut some parts of the tutorial and maybe blur something out once in a while. Got all of that done. Yay!

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