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    Hi everyone,

    IŽd like to know how does the dual core works in Windows Xp. Because mu cpu has 2 Gb (1Gb each) and i want to upgrade it, but people says that is worthless because system does not support more than 3gb.


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    Sounds like you are getting your Gigahertz and Gigabytes mixed up. Your cpu which runs at Gigahertz and your RAM memory which has 2Gb at present. You need a 64 bit version of Windows so you can use 4Gb RAM fully. You would need to check your motherboard spec to see if it can be upgraded concerning the cpu.
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    so regarding this question Nikosony

    If I get the 64bit version of XP I can run my pc at 4gigg of ram and XP will recognise it fully. What if I have shared intergrated graphics upto 1gigg will this read ok on normal xp or do I still need 64bit version.

    My Cpu is dual core AMD athlon 2.8ghz x 2 (5.6ghz)

    Your advise would be great m8

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