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    Shot at an abandoned army base, not a whole lot of a story, kind of just a chase
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    Great shots, especially the hallways/through-the-holes. The fight scene turned out better than I expected when filming, but my favorite shot is the silenced running while the intro to the Godspeed song is playing. Great stuff man.

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    Yeah i think the hallway part where he is looking is awesome, and the added bang sounds in the fight (i.e. when he kicks the door, slams into the wall) really made it a lot better

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    Nice vid. I liked your still camera positions (especially in hallways) and that colour effect, but what I din't like was that "frame" effect and maybe the video was slightly too long...

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    There's some really nice compositions and colour gradings here. Not too sure about the plot but imaginative filming nonetheless.

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    Thanks, yeah not too much plot, the trailer which is on my youtube channel kind of explains it more

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    Interesting work. The grading is nice.

    Can't say I'm terribly sold on that square vignette you used throughout, I just thought it was too obvious. Didn't like the faux 8mm stuff at the beginning and end either.

    Nice camera work.

    Was intrigued enough to watch it right through. Would have liked to have seen more plot though.

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    I agree with everything that's mentioned above.

    But some of your "interesting" shots were totally spoiled for me because you left your autoexposure on, resulting in very distracting blooms.

    Two examples - immediately before the 2:00 mark, the talent walks from shadow across a bright opening (window). As he covers the window the autoexposure compensates by brightening everything and then as he passes it shuts down again.

    Even more distracting was a similar thing just after the 4 minute mark. As the talent moves away from the doorway, there's a massive boost of light around the doorway which actually gives the impression of something outside, reflecting light in.

    Just something to watch in future - hope it helps.

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    Thanks, yeah the next time i won't use the square vignette probably

    as far as plot, we are planning to re shoot this with about 2 more people and an actual script that explains why they are trying to kill each other and such.

    I'll post it when its done in about 2 or 3 weeks

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