I'm just a video newbie who tinkers a little, I'm not a professional editor at all so this stuff might sound all wonky with the wrong terms and what not.

A friend of mine has developed several sales and marketing videos that he wants to integrate into an online system for his website. They were all recorded with a green screen and he paid a video editing freelancer to adjust the video by key coloring it and brightening it some.

Long story short, the guy did the work but didn't want to go the full distance with him so he has kind of dropped all the files back on him 1/2 way finished.

I'm not a video master but I've tinkered and he asked if I could help him since he can't really afford to get another editor to pick up the project, so I figure I'll ask some experts that might be able to enlighten me.


All the videos have been converted to AVI and placed into After Effects CS3, the key coloring has been done there via an Adjustment layer. He successfully pulled the green screen out from behind my client.

What I'm trying to help him get is to merge two video clips together and make a nice smooth transition from one to the next. He'd also like me to use a background image that the video can set on.

So I have the original 3 layers in After Effects that the video editor created, the first being an adjustment layer that handles the key coloring and brightness and contrast and all the visual adjustments. The second layer is the actual video.

The final layer being a weird multi-color layer, sort of like those emergency broadcasts things you'd see every once in a while. Multiple vertical colors going across the screen and black to white blocks going horizontally across the bottom. I don't know what purpose the last layer serves but I know its some professional video editing way over my head. However, it has a mask property so I'm guessing its serving some purpose to that effect.


What I have tried to do is create a new layer that holds the background image... which is a gradient with the product box on it. Putting it below the video layer reveals nothing because I assume the video is quite solid... its merely being made transparent by the adjustment layer.

I've tried making the background layer perform the key coloring of the adjustment layer but that merely makes it transparent again.

I figured there might be a way to export the video from After Effects maintaining its transparency and just loading the background image and video into another program and combining them that way, but I wouldn't know what program to use or what format to render the after effects video.

The files are enormous, for a few 3 minute clips its all 3gig, I could send a screenshot of the after effects project to give you a visual if necessary.

Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated as I wasted all day yesterday trying to figure this out for him.