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Thread: Strange Atrifact when applying some FX

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    Default Strange Atrifact when applying some FX

    Hi All i am putting together a very simple project with 3 tracks. 1 is Audio, The second is Protype Tiler and the 3rd is video.

    I started using the Elipse and applied several effects inc, radial blur, TV simulator, lens flare and defore. When i add large amounts of noise too the project or invert i get a small solid black square. I have gone back through the layers as best i can and carnt find how too remove it. i have posted a screen shot with the colours set on invert blend amount too 1.000


    any help hugely appreciated
    Every question is easy if you know the answer

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    I'd say you have a small "ByPass" section active. You can click on the Fx Bypass Icon above the Preview window and interrogate the options.

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    Thanks Grazie all sorted
    Every question is easy if you know the answer

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    Grazie does it again! I scratched my head for minutes over this before giving up, Grazie hits the button in one. One of the finest lateral thinkers I've come across.
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