Hey! Im new 'round here so please be understanding.
I recently purchased a JVG GZ-HD3 and I am putting it to good use, i have also bought a panning tripod.

Normally for this company, i take photographs of the musical (I specialise in Production photography and Design)

This year, instead of a musical they are putting together a cabaret show, which is free of rights, alas i am able to film and sell the DVDs

Now, I DO film shows for my own use, (ie ones i have been in) But this is different.
It needs to be reasonable as i am being paid. (Normally 2 shows, from 2 diff. angles)

I have been practicing with my panning tripod and feel good with the results.

What settings on the camera do you suggest, to compensate for different changes in light, from general cover to spotlights. Obviously Auto-focus is a major no-no, but anything i need to know?

I realise my equiptment is fairly bad in comparison to the 'pro's', i am under NO false illusions.

How much would you charge, and would you sell out or take a percentage of sale or sell them yourself?

Thanks alot for reading

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