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    Default camera advice please!!!

    Hi, i'm currently studying a video tech course and looking into buying a video camera. I want to use it mainly for making short films but also to film live presentations / seminars etc (to make a few pennies). I don't really want to buy one that i'd want to upgrade in the near future so i'm looking (if i can save up enough) at spending aroung the 2,000ish mark, new or second hand, to get a half decent one. Any info would be greatly appreciated from people more in the know than me, thanks a lot.

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    Do you want to work in standard definition video or high definition video? Your request is very vague and needs some more details. Do you want to work with tape or memory cards? Do you own a computer at present that can capture and edit high defintion video if you decide to go down that route? What software do you have, Windows Movie Maker doesn't really cut the mustard when it comes to serious editing? If you are going to do professional work then do you have a tripod with a good fluid pan and tilt head? Lights, microphones?

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    Cheers for the reply

    I'm presuming that a solid state camera would be more expensive than tape?? so that could potentially answer that one for me. Ideally i'd like HD but not sure my laptop would be as accomodating to it as it would for SD, what kind of spec would you generally want it have for it to be effective?
    I have Adobe Premiere so i'm ok as far as editing software is concerned.
    And regarding the other equipment, I can just nick it from work!!!

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    Solid state isn't necessarily as expensive as tape. Tape still has a while to go before memory cards and solid state memory take over completely but that day is coming ever closer. Storage capacities need to go up, along with quality and prices need to come down. Having said that Canon are currently doing the HF200 for 600 in both Curry's and Jessops, they will record very good high def video or if you are set on getting a camcorder with built in storage then their is the Canon HF20 which The Guru got and he seems very impressed with it, it has 32 GB storage and sells for 800 in Curry's. You could also look at the Panasonic TM300 it also has built in storage is small and compact but has a manual focus ring on the lens, very useful feature IMHO. It's slightly more expensive at 950.

    Look in the AVCHD section of the forum for more info on spec...

    Or do you want to spend the entire 2000 on the camera alone? If you can 'borrow' gear from work then you could spend more on the camera, the problem I see with that is that someone else may want to borrow the same piece of gear you want. Personally, I think it is better to have your own gear and not depend on stuff being available when you need it.
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    The plan was to spend the lot on a camera alone, or a large chunk of it at least. Generally other equipment would be available from either work or university. I've borrowed a Sony HVR-A1E from work and having a look at that, do you you have any experience of these? They seem more like a family holiday HD camera than at least a semi professional type, although there are a few cool little features, and for the price you can get something like a Sony Z1 which seems a lot more worth the money, although I may be completely wrong.
    I've also noticed a bit of a Sony v Panasonic arguement thing going on with people, where do you stand on that? are Panasonics better for your money?

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