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Thread: problems with Belkin USB VideoBus II (F5U208)

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    Default problems with Belkin USB VideoBus II (F5U208)


    A friend of mine recently bought the above USB device from Belkin. He couldn't get the sound to work. So in despair, he gave it to me to try out.

    Setup: O/S W2K pro, mobo Asus A7V600. DX9 installed and okay.

    The problem, video capture via this USB device works fine - but cannot get the audio running, whatever I try. Checked and reloaded drivers, checked the Belkin site, contacted helpdesk - no solution ..
    I tried both the Belkin capture application as well as other third parties - same story , video only - so no luck.

    I am definitely not a PC novice - but perhaps I am overlooking something .... can anybody shine some light on this ?


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    How have you connected the audio to the USB device (what leads)?
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    Connection from a Sony Cam via red/white (audio) yellow (video) to the USB bus - checked cam is giving signal on rca plugs (okay) so usb bus does get signal.

    As said - video comes in okay (can capture) audio nil. Cannot open the USB bus as it is sealed....

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    Then I think it's time to take the hardware back to the vendor for replacement/refund.
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    A bit obvious, but - have you Googled on this problem? Reason I ask is, I had one of these and had problems with it (of my own making, but that's a different issue...) Googling for it not only helped me fix my own problem, but gave me insight into the problems others were having. I can't remember about the 'no sound capture' problem, but I swear I saw it mentioned on more than one occasion.
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    The only thing I ve found on google - after some digging - is that I am not the only one with this Belkin problem..... I ll wait a few more days for additional replies (if any) to my post and it nothing emerges I guess we go into refund mode ...

    Anyway thanks for responding


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    Have you tried downloading the most recent drivers?
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    yes - that was one of the first things I did - but no solution.
    ths anyway


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