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Thread: Screen smash and falls effect

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    Default Screen smash and falls effect

    Hey, I don't know if this is possible on vegas pro 8.0, but is it possible to do a effect where the screen smashes into pieces then fall down into another clip? (in a transition).

    I see it on some youtube montages before and I couldnt work out what program they used. thxz

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    Try Satish Kumar's ( he of FrameServer fame!) "WAX" it has a shatter FX within it. I haven't tried it for a long time now. But you MAY find it will work for you?

    Wax - [ Homepage ]

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    Staish plug will do that (free) it smashes like glass can rotate and have gravity to fall down.

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    8 mins too late . . . Who IS Staish? As in "I got my staish WELL hidden!"

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    k thxz alot, i will try the program out now

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