Hey Guys,

Haven't been on this for ages, hope all is well.

Having a bit of trouble trying to work out file systems that are compatible with both PCs and Macs, that can Read/Write when I capture Final Cut Pro footage at any given duration, depending on the amount of rushes from In to Out point.

Any ideas of the Hard-drive I could get IDEALLY I would like to get 1TB hard-disk, I have found a Western Digital MyBookWorld - which I know is quite widely used now due to its nature of being, well, efficent.

Is this acceptable do you think and would it be compatible with Mac and PC?

The reason the Hard-drive needs to be compatible with PC and Mac is that at work I edit using Final Cut Pro and capture in .MOV format and would like to be able to bring my hard-drive home with me so I can edit on my own system at home. So it has to be external drive.

Any ideas of a hard-drive that would fit the spec, ideally, if it could be under 100 that would be fantastic, anything?

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