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Thread: Vegas, x264vfw, Windows 7

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    Default Vegas, x264vfw, Windows 7

    Okay first some starter information...
    Running Vegas Movie Studio Plat 9.0
    Windows 7 x64
    and trying to render with x264vfw codec

    So i found a video explaining step by step how to setup the x264vfw codec for optimal results, and followed it to a T, i even installed both 32bit and 64bit versions of the codec since i couldn't seem to get vegas to see the 64 bit codec initially. Now, vegas see's the x264 codec and lets me configure it and what not, but whenever i try to render i get an error "An error occurred while creating the media file test.avi. An error occurred while opening a codec." The render does not continue after that. For my audio i am using lamemp3 and can render with it fine, so although the error message doesn't specify, i'm fairly positive its the x264vfw that's giving me the problem.

    Basically what i'm trying to figure out is, if i did something wrong in the install, if it's a problem with my version of vegas, or if it's a windows 7 problem, and i'm not really sure what steps to take in order to figure that out.

    Any help is appreciated, and if any more info is required please just ask (although i'm rather new to vegas and may need a bit of a walkthrough on how to get you said information)

    Thank you for looking into this with me!

    EDIT:: Being more specific about my version.
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