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    Default Facebook Typography

    I just finished this video and I wanted to share it and get some opinions on it.
    Rate, comment, and let me know what you all think!

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    I really enjoyed that! You've been very creative with how you animated the text and it clearly has a massive commercial appeal.

    Only criticism I would have is that it ends too suddenly. I know you obviously ran out of names to use but it would benefit from having a soundtrack that draws to a close better.

    Nice one!

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    Very good work with the typography, inspiration for anyone who is looking for ideas for an opening title sequence. Must have taken a lot of time to come up with all the movements? I agree about it ending abruptly, a nice fade out at the end would have worked better, it just stops too quickly.

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    That's an absolutely fantastic video. I agree with previous comments (sudden ending, but very intersting throughout). It was also very well matched with the music.

    Mind me asking how you did it? I.e which package was used? Also, am I right in thinking that some of the text was converted to graphics at some point?

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    I don't agree with the other posts. I think it works punching in and out the way it did.

    Snappy....Slick, I'll give it 5.

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    Very good. The best thing is the way you manage to avoid repeating the same old ideas, yet nothing seems like it doesn't match the style of the rest.
    My only real concern is its possible application. OK FB Friends is a neat demonstration, but no-one's going to read/take them all in (or particularly care)
    Credits is an obvious one, but I like credits I can read - these go by too quickly. Maybe OK for a MUCH shoter list of credits (maybe 10-15 seconds).
    No the obvious application is lyrics to a song an this has been done in a similar manner umpteen times (though rarely as well)
    Or maybe - and here's an idea for you - a famous recording of a speech (or even a new recording of an old speech or a new recording of a new speech)
    Hmmmmm. ... It's really well done, VERY well done, but I'm struggling to find a good application.
    There again I was never imaginitive.

    I'm with solway on the beginning and end . Abrupt fits perfectly in my book.

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    I have to agree with Tim's post....

    If its a demonstration of what you could do within a title/credits sequence then it worked perfectly, many ideas to play with. For a title/credits sequence to be used in a production, I found it too complicated in places. The famous word 'KISS' which stands for 'Keep It Simple Stupid' spring to mind. The whole point of these are for people to read, but thatís losing favor, as the Americans like to do credits in 3 seconds flat (you know what I mean). The point of having fancy title/credits in my opinion is to make the whole name reading thing less boring. (Oh That a 'why don't you' - for people who get it) and pain free. else you just roll it. I like the look and feel, and some lovely movement going on, so I have to give you credit GOOD WORK.

    The ending well I have to agree and disagree, as demonstration/credits far too abrupt. Put as part of opening sequence the abruptness could be used as a nice leading in. That of cause would depend on content of the scene, and would it contribute to the whole look and feel.

    Thumbs Up for your creativity !!!!!

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    Okay, the ending is too aprubt, but in my view, it perfectly fits the music / style of the video. This is one of the finest piece of video art I've ever seen...Remember, it's just text and music. Nothing more. This is great!

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    simply stunning, a real surprise and so many varied ways of keeping it interesting, you friends should be very happy they have been immortalized in this visual way..

    if I was on the tube that a huge 5 star effort
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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