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    hello all,

    i am putting a short film together of an awards cermony that the company i work for held a few weeks ago. the problem i am facing is that we recorded an interview with the mayor of sefton and it is now in dvd format and i cannot import this into premiere pro cs4.

    i only need a small section of the dvd to go with what is being said but i cannot find a conversion tool that will enable me to import the dvd into premiere pro.

    i have been looking for a free peice of software that can do this but thus far had no luck in finding one that will do what i require.

    does anyone know of any good free software out there that can do what i need.

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    There are lots of mpeg and vob converters available. Two of the most popular listed on here on a regular basis are SUPER (c) and MPEGStreamClip1.2. They will allow you to import your mpeg file(s) off your dvd and let you convert them to avi which is much easier to edit in PPro CS4. If you use MPEGStreamClip1.2, you will need to download QuickTimeALT1.81 first and install and run it before you can use MPEGStreamClip1.2.

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    Try this:

    Copy the VOB file onto your desktop, next rename it to FILENAME.mpg instead of FILENAME.VOB

    Now when you import it into Premiere pro, it will scan it quickly and viola! Premiere Pro recognises the file

    Works for me, give it a go.
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    thanks for the reply. that way would have been alot easier than the way i ended up doing it. the software that was sugested didnt work for me. DVDdecrypter just kept saying there was a file read error and camstudio would not pick up the video from the screen.

    i ended up using Fraps which recored the video and the sound nicely i thought until i tried to import into PPro Cs4. once the file was imported it was only showing up as an audio file. so i imported the file into flash on the timeline then exported that as a .mov and imported this into PPro CS4 which worked.

    i will definalty try your method first next time though.

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    You could try the methods below:
    1. rename the VOB files to MPG and then edit them in Premiere Pro(however you are likely to experience problems).

    2. convert the vob files to an editable format like DV AVI using other tools, and then edit the avi files with premiere.

    3. rename them to .MPG and import them into Adobe After Effects 7 (earlier versions may not work) and export to Microsoft DV AVI (Type2) from there. then edit the avi files with premiere pro.

    4. use other tools which can directly edit vob files, such as womble mpeg video wizard dvd.

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