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    Last request seemed to fall on deaf ears - but just wondered if anyone could help with my photo album effect request.

    Basically I want to have the effect of a photo coming to life as a video in a photo album and the page being turned to reveal the next photo/video and so on.

    Playing around I've got one track as the album background (media generated blank colour) and the other with the video clip and re-sized to photo shape using track motion.

    However, when I apply the page turning transition to the background (for the effect of turning a page in the album) the video clip is obviously left where it is.

    Does anyone know how to 'glue' the two events together so that the track motion video clip turns with the page together as one??

    Cheers in advance for any help


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    This would require some sort of 3D motion tracking - not something available in Vegas, or anything similar as far as I'm aware. You'd be looking at something like After Effects and I'm not even sure if that does Motion Tracking in 3D.

    The best you'll manage is to apply track motion on the video track, keyframing frequently. Matching this up to the overlay track will be very difficult and it will be VERY time consuming.

    How about considering this as an alternative (not as good as what you want, but much easier to achieve) ....

    Use your photo album as an intro. Once the photo album is established, zoom in on the page so that the video fills the whole screen. Now simply apply a page peel transition. Maybe perform an occasional zoom out (to a square on image) to re-establish the photo album look.

    EDIT: Just re-read. You're not using a photo album overlay - you're just using blank
    generated media - so there's no animated overlay.

    Render out your composite tracks (background and video) first, then import them into a new project and apply a page peel transition between them.

    (I'm trying to figure in my mind a way of doing this in one by using parent/child tracks but I think there will be a problem as the child tracks have to overlap.)

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    Thanks Tim - yeah, you're right, I was thinking of creating the look of a photo album page by using generated media solid colour and then fiddling with the texture / colour etc to create the look and feel of said page (This is to be matched to the actual photo album that will be shown in the previous shot from a rear angle).

    So in the instance you mention I'd set this up with my particular video clip as if it were a photo, render and then add this to the next and so on introducing the page peel transition to each segment? If that is right, I guess that would work ....????

    Might be a 'proof is in the pudding' example though ...

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    Yep. That's exactly what I'm saying. But having had a bit of a play it doesn't quite work as the background of the page shows the video through. Hmmmm...

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    Had exactly the same problem - on the far left of the video the page peel goes transluscent and you can see the other image underneath - hmmmm indeed ..... it can't be that tricky surely?? :0)

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