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Thread: Brilliant Editor Needed...Are You Out There?

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    Smile Brilliant Editor Needed...Are You Out There?

    Hey Guys!

    Basically, I have a song of a man who is quite a ‘legend’ in my town..He rides his scooter all day long.

    I need a really good editor OR anyone who thinks they are knowledgeable enough to take this project on.

    As there is alot of stuff going on in the song, a video will be too much work so we're thinking of taking it the still images/animated route. Ideally a pop-up book!

    The video has to be under 4 minutes long.

    Someone who has a good understanding of Adobe After Effects is ideal.

    Please check the links below. The video has to be very similar to these.

    Persil Pop-Up Book

    Animated "Faith"

    Still Motion Graphics

    As I am an unsigned musician, money is quite an issue but I am willing to pay. But a pre-warning, it won't be much. Just want to be honest.

    But if anyone is up for the challenge, please get in touch..

    PM me.

    I live in London.


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    I can do the job for you. I've got a very strong editing skills and equipment. Have a look the video below or more samples of my work on my website. All the footages are original and from my previous jobs.


    T 07783137774


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