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Thread: Canon XH A1 & Premiere CS4

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    Default Canon XH A1 & Premiere CS4

    I just got a Canon XH A1. I set up a test sequence using "HDV 1080p 24" as my settings. Even though Canon lists this camcorder as being 1080i, this is as close as I could guess to the proper settings in PremierePro CS4. I then tried to capture some test footage, but the capture settings would only allow "DV" capture mode. Using DV capture mode, Premiere recognizes the camcorder, and performs the capture. But using the HDV capture settings, I can still control the camcorder via Premiere, but Premiere won't capture anything saying the "Device is Offline."

    I captured my test footage using DV mode, but I'm now wondering if Premiere is capturing ALL the HD information, or just SD info?

    Is anyone familiar with this quirk or whatever is going on with Premiere and my Canon XH?

    Can you please advise me on the proper workflow here, including export settings I should know about? Thanks so much!

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    What settings did you capture the footage in when filming with the Canon XH A1?

    Was "HDV 1080p 24" referring to the camera or the import settings?

    My understanding is that in HDV, this camera is shooting in either HDV 1080i 25 or HDV 1080i 29, but i could be wrong. If you are trying to import a 25fps or 29fps in 24fps then you may have Telecining issues on import.

    There should be a manual way of setting your import to HDV 1080i 25 or HDV 1080i 29.
    Get that worked out and see if the problem persists.
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    Also, if you are importing this into Premiere Pro, you can check what footage you imported.

    Just left click on the footage in the import box and next to the tiny preview window there will be some details about the video you have imported. If is says something like 1440x1080 (1.3333) then you have imported your footage correctly.
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    I discovered my error. I didn't realize the camcorder was configured to shoot in SD. Duhhh. Didn't even know it could do that. Everything working fine now that I've switched it over to HDV. Thanks for your reply.

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    Nice one, it's good you had a win.
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