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    Hi, I've been using Adobe Premiere for awhile now and I know how to animate effects on there by clicking the timer then keep putting timers down where you want stuff to change. I was checking around adobe after effects to maybe find the same technique but i cant find it. Is it not as easy? Could somone write me a quick tutorial on how to jus do simple animation for my effects or provide me with a link.

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    I'm not sure we have any 'real' AE experts here as yet. By far the best link I can provide you with is this

    which will certainly answer all your questions.

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    What you need to do is pull in whatever it is you want to animate - a picture, video clip, whatever, into your timeline. Now, if you want to animate it's size or position, pull down the object's properties in the timeline, then pull down the "transform" triangle, and click the stopwatch next to "position" and "scale", and if you're going to rotate it, "rotation" as well. Hell, you might as well do it for "opacity" too.

    What this does is set a keyframe. Those properties are now keyframed. Drag along your timeline to when you want the object to move, rotate, or scale next, then change those properties. A new keyframe will automatically be added at this point in the timeline, and After Effects will interpolate between the two keyframes creating a smooth and steady movement. This is what After Effects does best.

    Hope this helps, there's a lot more and After Effects is a very powerful program once you get the basics nailed, so keep at it. A very rewarding and worthwhile tool.
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