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    I want to record a few episodes where I go out and record public opinions in town/city centres across the UK.

    What type of camcorder, and in particular microphone/audio, requirements do you think I will need?

    I did a trial film session in Cheltenham with a JVC everio - this was a standard personal use camcorder.

    The visual quality was ok, but the sound was awful as it picked up any bit of wind noise, and also filming people talking from a few feet away on such a camcorder is too quiet.

    How do you think I could best go about picking up people's voices whom I am interviewing, whilst at the same time filming them from some feet away?

    Bearing in mind I will be filming, and there will be an interviewer with me.

    Many thanks in advance.


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    External mic will be best.

    We've always used a shotgun because, well thats all we have but a dynamic mic may be better for this purpose.

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    An external microphone with a wind shield on it is what you need. One with a cable attached to it running back to the camera should do the job, much cheaper than wireless mic's. Bring a tripod along aswell if you can use it safely without someone falling over it.

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