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Thread: My 'Rock-umentary' series.

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    Default My 'Rock-umentary' series.

    This week i've been editing my band's footage of our recording sessions in our studio. We're tracking every day for an album, and have a few more weeks of footage to capture.
    We're all just messing around with my friends little camcorder, nothing serious, i just edit it on my machine when i get home.

    Not showing off any cinematography here (especially as most of the filming isn't even me!), just wanted show some documentary style observation footage.

    Hope you enjoy!

    For anyone who's interested, it's a simple setup of a Hitachi dz-bx35e cut with Sony Vegas Pro.

    Thanks, ben
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    Well, as you admit - it'll never win any awards for cinematography - but a good bunch of memories for yourselves I guess!

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