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Thread: What mini HMDI cable

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    Default What mini HMDI cable

    I need a mini HDMI cable to link my Canon HF200 to my TV. Canon recomend their own cbale but this is very expensive 45 and upwards. I was wondering what cables other use and in particular ones at a much more reasonable price.

    Cheers Ally.

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    CPC have a range of HDMI /mini HDMI cables. Take a look at
    I think Order Code: AV17174 may be suitable for your application. The price is 2.64 plus delivery and VAT.



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    Cheers Ian,

    Thanks for the reply. I ended up getting one from Currys in the end. Cost 25. Does a good job, i just feel these acsessories are way too over priced somtimes.

    Cheers Ally

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