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    New episode of word soup. I actually filmed all this footage before I filmed and released word soup 2, so some of the valid points people here raised for citicism for ws2 haven't necessarily been addressed here.

    But I have tried to create the story and match the subtitles more to my mannerisms with this one. I think it works. But I shall leave it to you to decide.

    This was shot all by myself in London, so I made reference to it being more of a video diary rather than a crew based documentary like episode 1+2.

    Enjoy and feel free to comment.

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    Sorry Matt, forgot to watch!Much too fulll of pauses for me. It's like you gave a chance for each spoken line and each subtitle to sink in. This had me looking for significances which weren't there. Or maybe they were and I needed longer pauses.

    The choice of shots was good and it really looked like a TV production video diary (the opening shot on the station platform - were you holdig the cam yourself?)
    The script now sounds like one of those spammed emails that I've never figured out why they've been sent - ie lots of random-ish words strung together in a strangely beautiful way.

    But overall the joke's worn a bit thin now and I think you need to be thinking about taking it in a different direction.

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    Hi Tim, thanks for your comments.
    Yes for some reason my mind wasn't in gear when I was filming and there were too many pauses in my flow for my own liking, but that what I get for going all ad-libbed. I am going to be making some changes for episode 4 (when ever that will be), I am going to take the time to script it and am looking at bringing in more characters. So it should have a bit more variety.

    Yeah I shot all of this myself, I had a monopod which helped to steady some of the walking shots a bit more. I had some very odd looks walking down regent and oxford street holding a camera in front of me and talking blollocks.

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