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Thread: Capture problem on Mac os x

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    Hi Guys

    Ive installed Premiere Pro on my Mac, running Leopard.

    The software picks up my camcorder fine but when I open up the capture window, it plays audio but no video. Just a black screen, so I cant capture anything.

    I need help urgently! I've a tight deadline for this film and 6 hours of footage to sort out!



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    Okay, bear with me on this one. Have you actually tried to capture anything?

    Try it. Even if you only see a black screen in your capture window, you can use the camcorder's viewfinder to see what you're playing back. Capture it, save it and see if it's captured picture as well as sound.

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    Yes, I have tried to capture, but it tells me it was unable to capture. It simply wont record anything!

    Any other ideas?


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