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    Default holiday title

    hello all,

    well i finally singned up to this excellent forum after being a "background fan" for a while.

    been into video and editing for around 5 years now gradually improving upon cameras and techniques.

    my first post is a title video for a upcoming holiday in prague.its the first rough attempt just to give me some ideas on how the thing will look.
    anything could change...

    comments welcome


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    Hi Shutster!

    Nice and classy - love the scrolling effect. nice and minimalistic although IMHO the 3d logo effect is a bit cheesy. If you like the effect though, maybe just use it on one, rather than both.

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    7 times, one comment? People...

    Anyways, because I work for a shit company I can't view the video. But I'm sure it's very good - but I won't take Mike's word and will download tonight.

    I quite like the idea of having forum fans. I wonder how many other regular 'viewers' we have that haven't posted?

    We rock, dude.
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    I thought that scrolling effect was great as well. It makes a really nice intro.

    I'd like to know how to do it.

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    I liked it!
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    Default nice

    Good job it looks real nice.

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    I'm with Mike wrt the 3d text. I'd like to see the end result of the 3d effect faded in just as the videos stop scrolling - the 3d effect seems at odds with the mood set by the music and the font used.

    Not sure if it's the bitrate/codec used, but the videos (I think they are actually stills?) didn't scroll smoothly - you might want to try increasing the speed.

    4 x PIP means the stills are quite squashed, which renders actually making out what they are almost impossible. The large 3d text effect adds to this...

    But overall a polished attempt! Did you used Ulead cool3D for the text? Gillian, if you haven't used this, I'd give it a whirl, (even if that's not what our new member has used!)
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    I liked the 3d text at the start, for a general intro, and I liked the Panoramic photos sliding in too, but like Marc said, I couldn't really make them out, but I guess it is just the intro.
    In fact I might use some panoramic pic's I took recently in a similar way.

    impressive opening.
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    Sorry just posted this twice (see below)..deleted other post!

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    WOW...didnt expect so many comments so soon..thanks!

    Anyway the panoramic pictures will be replaced with footage,once i get it!
    and i might just go with the idea of the text fade rather than the 3d effect.

    The 3d text was was done in blufftitler which i think is a nice little programme.
    I created the text then used chroma keying over the panoramic photos.

    The photo movement was done in vegas 5 and as were the lines using the
    portals transistion.

    The quality doesnt really do it justice as its only rendered using the cinepak codec at the lowest quality.Also i used widescreen so maybe this didnt help.

    Oh,and the music is a track from freeplay music.

    But as a said its just to give me sort of idea on how thing will look.

    Hope this answers some of your questions.


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