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Thread: exporting hd and sd mix project.

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    Default exporting hd and sd mix project.

    Hi there, my boyfriend is currently still at work having issues exporting a HD and SD mix project from premier at good enough quality - he also then needs to burn it to DVD.

    These are the details of the project, if anyone has a solution to this a reply asap would be very much appreciated!! Alternitively if someone can point me to a forum where i might get some useful suggestions that would be great too.

    He's working in Premiere Pro CS3 (Windows XP 32-bit version) in an XDCAM 1440x1080 project using 1080p footage at 25fps and 1.33 pixel aspect ratio.

    In that project he's got SD footage shot at 720x560 at 25fps interlaced at 1.422 pixel aspect ratio.

    The SD footage is converting OK-ish which is suprising, but because of mpeg2 compression from Encore (also a CS3 program) it ruins the on-screen text and titles, which are made in HD anyway so canít work it out.

    Exporting to mpeg2 isnít giving great results

    Making an avi as they normally do is giving poor results

    QuicktimeT (raw) are very large (5 GB a minute!) and only has to be compressed anyway, the pixel aspect ratios etc are also causing problemsÖ


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    DVD's are SD but i'm sure you already knew that.

    for all of my SD stuff we have always exported using dv-avi.

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    At a quick glance, this is what i would do ( and i would love to be told off if this is wrong, seriously )

    When im mixing up different video files i like to edit everything square pixels, it just makes it easier i think.

    If you are creating a DVD:

    Open a new Sequence with=

    Dimensions: 1024x576 ( this will work for your particular aspect ratio )
    Pixel aspect ratio: Square pixels (1.0)

    Now, when you pull your HD footage into the SD sequence, you can right click on it and "Scale to Frame size".

    That's the quick and dirty method ( and the only one i know ).

    Other options include:

    If you are creating a Bluray DVD:

    Creating a second sequence for your HD footage with the details:

    Dimensions: 1920x1080
    Pixel Aspect: Square (1.0)

    And use the SD sequence like another footage file ( i.e. pull the whole sequence into the time line of the HD sequence ).

    Or something like that.
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    I've had a similar issue to what you've described and i've read (thought not tried out yet) that 3rd party software such as Virtual Dub and (many others) can make a good quality downconvert from HD to MPEG 2.

    I tried exporting straight from the HD CS3 timeline to MPEG 2 and it was DUFF

    I've also tried the export to DV AVI which is also a good method as Smifis described though I did have some quality issues that i haven't been able to figure out

    However i'm no pro and could just be using the wrong settings in CS3

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    Yeah, i think the biggest problem they are facing here is the fact that the subtitles are losing readable quality. Unless you want to redo all of the text, Starkie might be onto a winner here.

    It would be interesting to see if you have solved this or not.
    Blue Skies

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