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Thread: trailor for my new video

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    Default trailer for my new video

    Short trailer for my short film/docu.... currently in the process of finishing. Shot on the Samsung nv24 compact camera.

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    I liked the mono chromatic look used to bring out the grittiness of that once thriving industry and also how it is now consigned to history. The silhouette shapes made by the winding towers look good and the remaining old buildings. On the technical side, there was a bit too much camera movement for me. A camera move then a few static shots, maybe a pull focus or throw focus, a few static shots and then move the pan or tilt again. Using a tripod would raise the quality up a lot, you can spot the hand held stuff a mile off. Are those the only shots you have?
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    I have nothing to add. I entirely agree with Nikosony. Fantastic images, spoilt somewhat by, similar (ie always moving) handheld camerawork. If you have no other footage it may be worth giving a some stabilizing software a try.

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    Thanks for the observations/suggestions. this is a long term project (knowing me it will never be finished) and as such i can return to capture more footage at any time. as it happens i have lots already. On the day the footage you see above was shot conditions were ideal , frosty, foggy, sunny all in one afternoon. pitty i didn't have a tripod with me
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