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Thread: Video & Audio sync issues! Help?!

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    Default Video & Audio sync issues! Help?!

    Hi guys,

    Not sure if this is the correct forum, but I am using P.P 1.5
    anyway, here's the info:

    I just videoed at a conference - one of my 1st jobs! - and for the messages I got hold of the audio wave file they recorded at the sound desk.

    Now, I sync it up with the audio from the camera's but I find it drifts off by about a frame every so many minutes and I have to cut it and drag it back in...
    so my audio track is sliced in fairly regular segments (haven't checked exactly how long they are) - but its not really sounding completely in sync all through. Its also REALLY time consuming!!

    Any ideas whats causing the drift & if there is anything I can do to the file to make it fit one-time?!

    I can understand a couple milliseconds delay on one or the other being that one is direct and one (the cam mic) is across the room... but that it drifts out so regularly..? Could it be something to do with the sample rate?

    The camera & project settings are 48kHz but the sound desk recording is 44.1kHz - for cds.

    Any ideas?

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    What format are the audio files you recorded? What did you record them onto?

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    As far as I know they got recorded into a standard wave recorder on a laptop - don't think it was Wavelab, but a similar sort of deal.

    Wavelab tells me that the file is a mono, 16bit, 44.1kHz and... windows (when I hold my cursor over the file) quotes a bit rate of 705kbps!

    The project settings are stnd PAL DV... 48kHz, 16 bit

    any idea's what I could do? I've tried changing sample rates with my audio work in the past, but something always went wrong - lots of noise or pitch changes etc...

    maybe I did it wrong?

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    do you have audio on the camera? if so you could sync it to that and then find 2 distinctive points on camera audio and cut on them. now try and find the same points on the other audio source and cut at the same points. try and be as accurate as you can possibly.

    now chnage boths clips to the same speed. so right click the video's audio, goto speed/duration and copy the clip length. now close that window and right click on the other audio and goto spped/duration and paste in the clip length from before. now copy the speed change in percentage.

    this is the speed the audio needs to play at to keep in sync. it will probably be somethying like 98.9% or something stupid.

    It may not be 100% right so adjust it a little bit if needed.

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