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Thread: old school Dynasty mash-up

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    Default old school Dynasty mash-up

    So this isn't technically a 'fan' video as this was the first i'd seen of Dynasty (bit before my time) - all i got was a bunch of captured footage from the DVD.

    I was asked to put together some edits for youtube advertising the re-release of the DVD box set.

    Did some research, checked out how over-the-top soap opera- tongue-in cheek style it was.

    Then as well as the bog-standard 'oooh remember Dynasty' edit, I felt i had to make a more fresh, ridiculous edit.... with the 'actual work' out the way i decided to make a beat out of the punch slaps and the copious amount of abuse dealt out in the footage :p

    Both videos went out in the end (even got paid for this extra edit!) , but because Paramount have issues with youtube, the PR company weren't allowed to put the videos out on the tube - as Paramount didn't want to be seen to be advertising through a site they condemn for copyright issues...

    i dont mind though :p

    hope you enjoy!
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