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    This short film is entirely for trying out, perfecting/ pimping SFX techniques.

    Made about 3 years ago, but as i'm new here - thought i'd get the ball rolling and see what you guys think.

    If someone could tell me how to embed swf, or that mp4 i can do so - or i'll jus upload to the tube if there's issues with watching it like this.


    In true Noob fashion i meant to post this in the 'user videos' section - but have confined myself to the special FX section....ah well

    NO sweat - I moved it for you. You should get more responses here
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    Nice look and feel. Well acted and presented.

    A good mix of shots, generally in keeping with the different feel you wanted to create at different times (eg clear & friendly at the beginning, manic during the chase, obscured when there's a bit of mystery.

    There were a couple of continuity problems - the one which really stood out was when our hero was knocked to the ground - we cut to the masked villain but the next shot of our hero was just wrong, maybe too upright, maybe shot from the wrong angle. Anyway it was a shame because it remined me I was watching a film.

    The FX were great. Kicking the ball hrough the hoop was superb. The black branches/roots or whatever they were were a bit two dimentional when they were moving but fine when static. The gunshots were nocely done (it's so easy to go overboard with muzzle flashes.

    Sound/music - excellent. Was the background sound during the basketball/woods scenes a program called Atmosphere by any chance?

    On the down side, I thought the plot was totally let down by the use of a gun. The characters were believeable until it turned out one had a gun. We'd had nothing to suggest the guys were in any way criminal or likely to carry and it added nothing to the plot (though I accept it was a useful device to get more FX in).

    On a slightly different note, the script didn't require any swearing. Again it added nothing. I have no objection to swearing at all, but I do recognise that if you include it you immediately reducing your potential audience. So, in my opinion, unless it actually adds anything, avoid.

    But the biggest disappointment was the ending. Not the action - but I could not make out the punchline. Even playing it back I can't work out what he's saying - "I hate f***ing ?????"

    What is it?

    Real bummer. I invested minutes of my time in the film and didn't get the payoff. It probably doesn't matter, but I really felt I missed something important.

    Great effort though.

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    Outstanding job on that.
    Myself I dug those black things. Nice choices on your color correction. All in all it's a tough little film.
    I guess the only weak points would be the voice recording and maybe the story wasn't quite as good as the production value. I understand though what the film was done as a demo and I'm not much of a critic to begin with.
    I was entertained and that tells me that you accomplished your goal.
    Regards William Victor Schotten


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