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Thread: Sony HDR-HC1 Stolen - What to buy now?

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    Default Sony HDR-HC1 Stolen - What to buy now?

    Someone broke in to my home a few months back and cleaned us! However, we're now trying to piece things back together and one of the last things is to replace my Sony HDR-HC1.

    I mainly just shoot family and some occasional work stuff, but I don't do much editing (time doesn't allow). However, I bought the cam with the intention of possibly doing some editing down the road and having good quality footage to work with.

    I believe the HC1 was Sony's first endeavor into the HD Prosumer market and it was a fairly good camcorder for the time. Now, times have changed and everyone's going to SD or Hard Drives and I don't know where to begin. I can hardly find an HD miniDV unit these days, and I'd still like to play my old miniDV tapes. I don't know...if SD or Hard Drives are the way to go maybe I should just try to find something cheap and used to play the miniDVs and buy an SD/Drive unit. Could anyone recommend something for me?

    I can get about $1500 from ins and I would be willing to kick in maybe another $500-600 if it was really worth it.

    Any advice will be appreciated.

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    not sure on pricing but a really great quality one is the canon hx a1, great quality and they even filmed Crank 2 with it!

    the canon gl2 is still a great camera and pretty cheap now another one to look into

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