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Thread: how to delete blank (dead) space on video timeline?

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    Default how to delete blank (dead) space on video timeline?

    Hi, I'm new to video editing and trying to edit a cruise vacation video using Pinnacle Studio 11. I need to know how to delete empty (dead) spaces in the video and timeline. In the timeline, it shows up as empty gray spaces. In the video preview, it shows up as several minutes of blackness. When deleting previous clips, I chose the function delete (close gaps) - or at least thought I did every time. How do I now go back and get rid of the (several minutes) of emptiness in my video? I appreciate any help. I have searched for the answer, but have now spent more time editing the video than I spent on the actual cruise. Thanks, Juliahh

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    Hey I don't know how different Pinnacle Studio 11 is from Avid but in Avid there's an area where you can choose to either have a Film Style layout or an OverWrite layout. If you choose the Film Style it keeps gaps but if you switch it to the OverWrite it changes it over. See if there's this kind of function in Pinnacle. If there is it will be right in between your two video windows. if not try downloading the manual (if you haven't already) and just search (control+F) close the gaps. You should get a message telling you how to do it.

    Hope this helps,

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