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    When preparing my movie in Sony Vegas Studio 8 I can put in markers but if I insert a page at the beginning with chapters is it possible to link (hyperlink?) each chapter to its approriate marker?
    Many thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by logantoo View Post
    . . . . but if I insert a page at the beginning with chapters is it possible to link (hyperlink?)
    I have absolutely NO idea what you mean.

    1] We have Markers as Chapter points in DVD authoring - you don;t mention IF you are referring to DVD authoring?

    2] I am NOT aware you can insert a "Page" in VMS?

    You will need to get your definitions in explaining your issue, more consistent with the package you are using.

    Sorry, but there IS a Vegas lexicon/language that allows us to communicate with each other. Give yourself a bit more time and get back here - yeah?

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    Thanks, I don't think I will bother

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    If anyone else is interested I have found the following information as it appears you can do what I want in DVD Architect once transferred from Sony Vegas.

    In order to create a scene selection menu, please follow the steps below:

    1. First make sure you are creating a Menu based project. If not, go into the File menu, select New, and choose Menu Based.

    2. Then locate the video file that you rendered out of Vegas in the Explorer window at the bottom of the DVD Architect or DVD Architect Studio interface. Then drag and drop it in the Menu 1 window.

    3. Double click on the box/button that appears in the Menu 1 page for that video, to open that video in the timeline area of DVD Architect or DVD Architect Studio.

    4. Next you will need to insert your Chapter/Scene Markers in the timeline. To do so, click anywhere on the timeline and press the 'M' key on your keyboard. You will see a small orange line with a flag on top indicating your marker with an area open to insert text into. Type the name of the chapter in the text area of that marker flag. Then continue to add chapter markers on the timeline where you need them.

    5. Now double click on "Menu 1" in the treeview window in the upper left corner of the interface. Your workspace screen in the middle should go back to the screen containing the Menu. Right-click on the button for the video and select "Insert Scene Selection Menu." You will then have the option to name the scene selection page, and determine how many chapter links you want to show up on each page. For example if you have ten chapter markers, and you choose five links per page, you will have two scene selection pages that each have 5 chapter links. After pressing OK, a second box/button appears on the workspace to access your chapters.

    You can find more information about Vegas, Vegas Movie Studio, DVD Architect, and DVD Architect Studio by clicking on the images below.

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    Thanks for posting that, I was not sure what you was asking, but if I did then the above tutorial is correct. DOnt forget you can add markers in vegas and export with a script of DVD-A or do them in DVD.

    look here for more info on chapters
    Starting & Stopping using chapters on a long Clip

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    I am back again having successfully created Scene markers/chapters in DVD Architect (V4.5). Howeverw hen I have burned it to a DVD and play back on my PC the scene selector/chapters appear at the beginning of the DVD but when I play in on my TV they are at the end of the video. My question is therefore, how do I make a scene selection appear on first screen of the DVD when played on my TV.[IMG]file:///C:/DOCUME%7E1/Owner/LOCALS%7E1/Temp/moz-screenshot.png[/IMG]
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    So, what do you want to happen at the end of your video?

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    When played on the TV and when the DVD has finished I am happy to have a scene selector/chapters for those viewers who may want to go back. However, like a book with an index of chapters at the begining, I would also like a scene selector/chapters at the beginning of the DVD when played on the TV so that viewers can go to a particular part of the DVD.

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    You may have set one of your chapters to "first play" (mauve star on left) of you are not getting the menu when you have inserted the DVD

    You need to set the menu as first play, then all should be well

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