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Thread: Capture using a different camera to that used for recording

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    Default Capture using a different camera to that used for recording

    Hi again,

    I'm having fun with my new Panasonic NV-GS500. I don't know if this is standard for all Panasonics but it appears to import footage via a usb cable, not the DV connection (which makes me wonder what it's purpose is).

    I couldn't find a vista usb driver for my laptop, so loaded all the software on my slightly glitch xp pc, but wondered if I could use my Canon MV630i to capture the footage instead? It had passed my bed time when this thought popped into my head so I left it at that last night.

    Will it matter that I recorded something in DV-PAL 16:9 when the Canon doesn't record in this ratio, well not properly at least?


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    Actually partly answered this myself tonight. The driver seems okay on vista, though it says it only supports xp, once I tried the Panasonic's bundled 'SweetMovieLife' to capture the tape I found that it worked with DV transfer, although the camcorder has a PC Connection mode this needs to be on Tape Play setting to capture. As my PC has a problem (I think the CPU is on the way out) I needed to recapture it on my laptop and this was fine with Premiere Pro now that I knew what I was doing [The manual and software wasn't a lot of help]. I wish I hadn't used an old panasonic tape to test as got a recorder problem at 10 mins and around 38 mins, possibly because I have overrecorded onto tape 1 more than most. I think another record test on a new tape is in order before leaving feedback and certain the camera is fault free. Rendering is sooo much faster since I doubled my ram to 4gb last week

    I still wonder if its possible to use my older 4:3 camera to capture footage recorded on another camera at 16:9 (but common sense would suggest this isn't going to work). Any opinions?

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    It's worth a try.

    we use an older camera that doesn't support a 16:9 aspect ratio but it does capture alright but we also ave an other camera that when you capture it's in the 4:3 aspect ration but it'd just squished so all you do is right click the footage in the bin, click Interpret(?) Footage command and change the pixel aspect to dv widescreen. it will be obvious once you look around.

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