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Thread: where can I get my HDV tapes ripped?

  1. Default where can I get my HDV tapes ripped?


    I have a few HDV Format Mini DV tapes that I require ripping into the basic mpeg2 format (8000kbs pref). There is 3 tapes with 40ish minutes on and one with 20. So about 2 and half hours of footage.

    I looked online and most of places convert them to a DVD Disc with menus extra which I don't want. Just want the main footage so I can edit it. Any ideas?

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    Where are you located? One of our members local to you may offer to do this for free.

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    I live in West Yorkshire, Pontefract.

    If anyone does have a HDV Camera and would rip the footage for me, I would send you the discs postage there and back and a little something for your trouble.

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    Please forgive me asking - but in another thread you say...

    Quote Originally Posted by mkkid28 View Post
    Want a personal event such as a Wedding recording and edited on DVD, so you can save the memories? Want a professional event such as a stage show or concert recording and edited, so you can profit from dvd sales of the event?

    Then, look no futher.

    We can offer anything (and we literally mean anything) to be recording and edited in the Yorkshire, as well as all of the UK.

    We are affordable because we are independent team but produce footage of a high professional standard. We have a team of camera operators who have been recording footage and taking stills for years. We use the best quality miniDV cameras and tapes and the footage is edited by professional video editing software and DVD authoring software....
    So - if I read this right - on one hand you're claiming to be a pro outfit - and on the other hand your asking for effectively a freebie because you can't do the job.... I may be jumping to a conclusion here that's not justified, but it can hardly be both, can it?

    ... and, as an aside, MPEG2 is the last format I'd be wanting something converted to for editing - why that format? Surely uncompressed AVI would be better?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy Lockwood View Post
    Please forgive me asking - but in another thread you say...
    Good spot, Andy. I'm racking my brains for some really imaginitive way in which both statements can be true.

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    ...and the footage is edited by professional video editing software

    I have iMovie 08 and Final Cut Express on my mac and Premier Elements on my PC, none of which are 'professional' and they all handle HDV capture just fine.

    I can't think a 'team of professionals' can't rummage up a half reasonable computer and some kind of NLE that doesn't handle HDV footage between them.

    Just saying, that's all...

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