Want a personal event such as a Wedding recording and edited on DVD, so you can save the memories? Want a professional event such as a stage show or concert recording and edited, so you can profit from dvd sales of the event?

Then, look no futher.

We can offer anything (and we literally mean anything) to be recording and edited in the Yorkshire, as well as all of the UK.

We are affordable because we are independent team but produce footage of a high professional standard. We have a team of camera operators who have been recording footage and taking stills for years. We use the best quality miniDV cameras and tapes and the footage is edited by professional video editing software and DVD authoring software.

We are based near Pontefract, West Yorkshire, but we can work anywhere in the UK aslong as travelling expenses are paid.

Our team as recording many personal events such as children's first birthdays and weddings as well as many professional events such as Professional Wrestling events and concerts.

For a quote for the recording of your event or examples of previous work email me: matallica28@googlemail.com