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Thread: Used Mac Pro or Core i7 Dell XPS Studio 435?

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    Default Used Mac Pro or Core i7 Dell XPS Studio 435?

    I've been debating between getting a Mac Pro quad core or a Core i7 machine. I'm not mainly using this for video editing, but I need to be able to. I'm really a film scorer, and I need a machine to run high-power mock up programs like EWQLSO.

    I think the PC is the better choice because I can barely afford a Mac, however I'm nervous about editing on the PC because I've heard some horror stories, and when I tried out my friends PC with Adobe Premiere CS4 (I'd have to Premiere this because my collaborator edits on Final Cut and he's the main editor and I know the two are compatible) and the video was lagging like crazy, it was completely unwatchable and crashed several times, something which I've never experienced on a Mac.

    I'm not trying to start a Mac vs PC thread, I just want to make sure that there are people who edit video on a PC without really bad problems. I have an old iMac (I'm on it right now) that has 1.8ghz and 1 GB of RAM so I may be able to use that for the video editing, but I'd like the computer I'm buying for audio to be used for video too since it'll be really powerful.

    The last thing is that I'm a little worried about is 64-bit compatibility. I'd be running a 64 bit version of Vista, and so far I haven't seen any editing programs that are 64-bit compatible, or at least compatible without bugs.

    Basically my question is, will everything run smoothly? Or should I just go with a Mac Pro and save up some money because I know that Final Cut at least will work on it well.

    Sorry for all these questions and thanks in advance!

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    you will get no lag whatsoever with any new intel or amd processors. i'm running an intel penitum dual core 2.0 ghz and i get no lag at alll.

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    OK! Right first of all if you use the right equipment, then you have no problems.

    This is the same for the Mac and PC: Spec'ed up correctly on both systems, using correct hardware you won't have a problem.
    You will be able to perform your work with ease, providing you spec up correctly and invested wisely.

    The only another factor here; with Mac choosing hardware is limited compared to the PC. With Macs all internal hardware choices are made for you, PC's however you have a myriad of choices if you decide to take that route.

    Since your computer is for professional use: I would stick to the MAC and buy the most powerful MAC you can afford.

    This is for a few reasons:

    1) Stick to what you know, you know the MAC

    2) The Mac is designed for Creative People, not an after thought with the PC.

    3) Most creative people use Macís so you will always be able to use same software and be compatible with others.

    4) Some issues maybe had if you us professional software tailored to your industry, as it may only be written for the MAC.

    5) Hey, if you really MUST; you can put Vista on a Mac, begs the question WHY!!!!!!

    You mentioned the i7 processor; this processor will soon be in Macs' too so you won't miss out. If they did this in a dual processor (MMMMMmmmm nice Stonkin), that would be really nice. Most professional Mac users needing power, go for dual processor option, this is with the Xeon (quad). This is a sterling processor designed for servers, very reliable and robust.

    Your worries over 64bit compatibility,

    video editing software, digital video editing | Adobe Premiere Pro CS4

    Adobe Premiere Pro CS4: System Requirements

    As you can see using 64bit with Adobe Premiere CS4, you will have no problems.

    If you don't already know this Final Cut Pro is for Macs only.

    Your needs are different PC based, because your using the system professionally, you need it to be robust and stable.

    Plus I always liked the memory allocation you can give each piece of software on Mac OS, not the free for all on a PC. This helps with stability and been able to control your system. Shame it's not on the PC MS-OS that would really be cool, but then again Apple won't let; that little gem go lightly.

    OOhh I have just spotted Dell; which is the system you would go with PC Based. Very good as Dell are, I wouldn't use Dell for your application, I would go for more bang for your BUCK. You can still have a very good EXCELLANT stable system using independent components, inside your PC BOX.

    But what I cannot deny DELL is their customer support which is out of this world and very very good.
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    they started to put the server version of the i7's in mac pro a little while a go now. it give you 8 physical cores and 8 additional virtual cores. but this comes at a massive price but the power you get behind that machine is phenomenal.

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