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Thread: Some questions for ya before deciding on a camera

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    Default Some questions for ya before deciding on a camera

    Hi guys - I'm new to the forums - be gentle! hehe

    So I'm considering purchasing a good quality camera but not a professional level camera.

    I want to be able to add things to the camera as my ability grows or in other words I don't want to have to buy a whole new camera because I'm limited my options.

    So what should I be looking for in a new camera? Some kind of lense adapter for alternate high quality lenses ... adapters for mounting to things and maybe some kind of stereo input, etc.

    I'm also a bit fuzzy on cmos and 3 ccd. Is it one vs the other or are they the same technology but renamed ie, big mac and whopper? hehe

    Also if you could recommend some cameras to check out that would be great! So far I'm aware of the Canon HV30 and 40 but I believe there are some good Sony's to check out too so what model. I think I'm going with miniDV rather than SC or harddrive models. I'm wide open for checking out other brands too.

    Thanks for your time dudes.


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    It's pretty important to know what you intend to do with your camera as this makes a huge difference as to what to buy.

    If you are going to just be filming family and friends or making the odd inde movie then a domestic camcorder with a CMOS chip is fine!! If there is likely to be high motion or quick pans or you might give weddings a try then forget CMOS and stay with CCD chips.

    You might be considering filming in low light areas like pubs and clubs and then adds a new dimension to the mix as well as you need a camera that handles low light situations well!!

    It doesn't sound like you have the budget for a pro camera so forget about interchangeable lenses!! The zoom on most good cameras makes lens changing not necessary any more and unless you have ultra special requirements.

    When it comes to brands it's very much like buying a car!!! All the big names Canon, Sony, JVC and Panasonic make great cameras so it's purely a personal choice (the same as choosing between a Ford and a Honda)

    I personally love Panasonic (for the last 20 years!!) and I only buy shoulder-mount camcorders!! Why??? Because I like them and feel comfortable with these models. The Canon HV series are great cameras but I think they feel like toys..see??? it purely a matter of what YOU like and are happy with so don't limit yourself to a model cos someone says so!! Buy what you really feel comfortable with!!

    However a rough idea of your plans WILL help others suggest a model or two or the type of camera you should be looking for!!

    Hope this helps a bit


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    Thanks for the thoughtful reply Softweigh I really apreciate it. You've definately given me some things to think about.

    Funny you should mention shoulder-mount cameras as that very thing was on my mind. The fact that all the cameras I'm looking at are hand held and so mounting things to them and maintaining stability would be an issue.

    Like a few people who have posted on this forum I'm in a band and wanting to use video as a promotional device... so I want to have a mixture of performance footage and more artistic and conceptual footage too.

    When I learned to screen print tee shirt, I was glad to learn the alternative and artistic side of screen printing even though I was focused on making merch for my band. After all why not broaden your horizens and enrich your world. And I feel this way about videography too.

    So I need to be able to use the camcorder in low light situations such as nightclubs, pubs and venues and get good results. I should think that most of the movement will be typical stage moves rather than following a football through the air etc.

    I will look into some Panasonic camcorders and generally look into affordable options with the 3 ccd.

    I think the top limits of my budget will be $1300ish Aussie Dollars for the camcorder. At the moment I'm using a couple of Flip Mino's to see what we look like a gigs.

    Any advice or pointers most welcome. Ta.


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    I've been looking around at tech sites lookin at the new consumer camcorders as well as other sites reviewing popular camcorders.

    So some questions....

    Pretty much all the new camcorders are CMOS rather than 3CCD. The size of the CMOS sensor is getting bigger in these cams but, they are all either harddrive or SD card. And they are adding face recognition software features...

    So with the compromise on the data transfere rate does it still make sense to go for harddrive or SD camcorders with the better sensor or with the oldy but goodie camcorders like the Canon HV or the Panasonic 3CCD consumer models?

    What are the pros and cons?


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    For now CMOS sensors are restricted to domestic and semi-prosumer cameras whilst all the pro and broadcast units use CCD's

    CMOS is obviously cheap and easy to produce but has some nasty side effects that broadcasters won't tolerate. The "jello" effect (bump a CMOS camera and the image wobbles like jelly) Motion breakup also occurs on fast movement and panning.. no problem for "baby on the lawn" but a big issue for a cameraman covering sports!! Lastly for events (which I do) the rolling shutter effect makes the cameras not exactly ideal for us wedding videographers when working with a flash photographer. An image with the the top half over-exposed by the flash and the bottom half normal is a big problem!!

    However at $1300 your probably need to be looking at a used camera if you want to stay with a 3 chip CCD. Maybe try a CMOS domestic camera?? They are cheap and you can get an HD model for less than your budget...if it looks good use it!!


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