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Thread: Vegas Movie Studio 9 Plat. Pro 44.97

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    Default Vegas Movie Studio 9 Plat. Pro 44.97

    I'm thinking of getting this from Amazon as the half-price special offer seems like good value, the offer expires at the end of Sunday I believe.

    a) Would it work well with h.264 MOV files from the Canon SX1 or would I need to transcode first?

    b) Will it need an internet connection at all? Only to register? I'm planning to install it here at the office with the 'net available, then take the new PC home where I'm offline. I don't want to find I need to bring it back here to download certain features - as I saw something on a review comment (can't remember where) that a certain codec wasn't supplied and had to be downloaded.


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    Loads of answers here:
    Sony Creative Software - Common Registration Questions

    This extract may be useful

    Why do I have to register the MP3 or MPEG plug-in separately from my Sony Creative Software product?

    We license the use of the MP3 and MPEG plug-ins from the manufacturers. To fulfill our licensing agreements with these organizations, we must accurately keep track of the number of registered users for royalty purposes.
    The computer where I've installed my Sony Creative Software application is not connected to the Internet. How do I get an activation or authentication code?

    1. After installation, you will be prompted to register. Select I would like to register over the phone and click Next.
    2. On the next screen, your Computer or Machine ID is displayed. Write the number down on a piece of paper.
    3. Go to the Registration Form.
    4. Enter your information and choose your application from the drop-down menu. Click the Submit Form button.
    5. Enter the Computer or Machine ID and serial number into the appropriate fields. Click the Continue button.
    6. Verify the accuracy of your e-mail address. This is the address to which your activation or authentication code will be sent. Click the Continue button.
    7. Once you have received the e-mail with the activation or authentication code, take this code to the computer that is not connected to the Internet and enter it in the Activation/Authentication Code field.

    EDIT: PS Thanks for the heads up.
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    Excellent, many thanks for your help

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