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Thread: Jackson, Wyoming.

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    Default Jackson, Wyoming.

    Just some shots I took while driving to/in Jackson, Wyoming.
    Looking for some feedback. I apologize for the dirty windshield, if you've ever taken a long road know what I mean. I also apologize if the video is too dark.

    Music by Chuck Ragan.

    [ame=]YouTube - Jackson![/ame]

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    i like it, lots of good scenery, and great music

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    Nothing new or even interesting here.
    Flag shot was the only thing I almost liked.

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    It had the potential to become a neat little road movie with lots of scenery, mom and pop stores and the vast open spaces but you missed it here. The scenes are too dark aswell, what scenery you did record is lost in the murkiness, did you underexpose it during the shoot or is that some effect you added in post? If it is, then I would remove it. If you've got scenery then show it off in all it's splendour, if you are artistic enough then do something more with it other than just underexposure. Your movie is also far too long, it could be cut in half and be ten times better, some scenes such as the numbers on the petrol (gas) pump are held for too long. The scenes with the plane flying past the car are good I like them but again hidden in almost total darkness.

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